New Coat…

Mum bought me a new coat to wear to bed but it was a bit big so she had to fix it. I heard her yelling at her sewing machine so I  kept out of the room. It is so warm and snuggly.



Its strange how life seems to pass so quickly……I have been with my new mum and dad for almost a year. Its my birthday next month but I  don’t  know the day so I  am going to celebrate with Dad on his birthday on 1 July………its been a long day as we went for a long drive to the city and back. I  don’t  like looking out the window when we are going fast as I  get bug splat on my face.  Yuk…..


Exhausting day…. first was having my monthly bath….my bath was next to 2 golden retrievers who were having their baths….they didnt have much to say even though I  have a good sniff through the fence separating us.

Next was a walk along The Cut, the channel joining the ocean and estuary. Pulling into our driveway I noticed those pesky kangaroos were visiting us last night and leaving evidence of their visit on the driveway…   Yawn…….

Big Walk Today…….

We had a BIG walk today along the estuary. Mum and I  exchanged words when a dog passed……..

Mum said it was a 2000 or more walk but I  walked more steps as I  was also sniffing trees and stuff. Boy was I tired when I  got home.

Another Sunny Day….

Mum took me down to the estuary today for our walk. I  was allowed to explore lots of bush as we walked past it……left lots of wee spots so other dogs know i have been there. Saw thos pesky kangaroos coming home, they had been on our lawn…..