Not The Dog Bath…..

I got all excited this morning as we were going in the car. When we stopped guess  where we were….the doggy bath! I don’t  mind a bath but I  dont like sharing with a dog in the next cubicle.

I pulled Mum along with me to get inside to see this dog next door. She couldnt get any photos because I  was on high alert. I decided I  would take the high road as the German Shephard had sat down and wouldn’t enter the cubicle and tried to get out of the bath.

I was almost an angel sitting in the bath while Mum washed me. She knows now not to use the hair dryer though.


Don’t  do it…..

Mum came out with a black thing she calls a camera. She kept putting it in the front of her face and I  didn’t like it. I showed her…………. I poked my tongue out at her.

Kangaroos again

This morning Mum and I went a different way on our walk. Degree of difficulty was 7 out of 10 meaning a lot of hills. We walked on a grass park or at least we tried. There was so much kangaroo poop I  had to walk on it. Yuk. At least i space my poops out.

Coming down the hill I  saw a kangaroo and gave him the lemon look……….

Who am I?

My name is Reagan and I am a rescue dog. For some reason I was handed in to the shire pound because my human couldn’t  look after  me any more. I wasn’t  bad or vicious. My new humans say he got sick and couldn’t  look after me any more.

I was sent to a new home and I loved chasing the cat so I  was sent back to the rescue people. A few days later I  was introduced to two humans called Lance and Joan. I was so happy to see the Lance human that I  jumped onto his lap. Guess what……….they are going to give me a new home.

I  am sooooooo happy.