She Is Taking Photos Again….

I just sat up to stretch and do my Meerkat imitation when Mum is in front of me with the camera…..I mean really, can’t a guy just stretch?……


I Have Photos…….

After a disasterous attempt when we went for a walk on Tues (Mum had turned the camera off somehow), I took photos when we went in the car and then at home for a while. 

I thought Mum would like my photo of her crochet rugs.  

Ooops should have turned a bit more, it looks easy when Mum takes photos.

Big Walk…..

Today Dad says he will pick us up half way to the Caltex service station. ┬áMUM and I ┬átake off with my front steering harness on, and me sniffing everthing in sight…….we get about half way and no pick up service…….What the heck…….I slowed down and walked right beside Mum and just as we reached the service station guess who turns up…… bit late I thought…..hmmmph.

Back to Normal…..

Had to remind Mum I have a blog to write and I  need her tablet skills to write it for me. The last couple of days she has forgotten about me. Things have been busy around here, as usual, so I  dont know why she forgot me and my blog……