Wow, long drive today….

Lots of activity this morning which I  had to watch behind the screen door….nearly had a melt down when Mum picked up my food bowl and water bowl and put them in the caravan……finally I  was put into the car and off we went with the caravan thingie behind us, I  wondered how it knows how to follow us…

This bad photo of me is where I  am watching the road for Dad……seems like I  had to watch it for a long time. Finally we stopped at a caravan park??? At Quinninup. I got out of the car and what is the first thing I see……. lots of kangaroo poop would you believe….. I  look around and there are heaps of kangaroos sleeping.

 MUM gave me my afternoon treat and the surrounding birds started to advance on me like The Walking Dead (I  watch tv also).

Finally got to relax after my first day of travelling…..did I  mention there are super big birds here called emus.


One thought on “Wow, long drive today….

  1. Ann March 24, 2017 / 11:17 pm

    Oh wow. What an exciting day you had. Hope mum and dad are enjoying the trip.


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