What  A Day……..

Dad took me outside to watch the world go by with him. Saw some dogs going to the beach with their humans and a Mum mowing the lawn……THen out comes a man with a long thing in his hand, a whipper snipper to cut the edges of the lawn. I went to chase it but Dad had me on the lead and told me not to worry………AS it that wasn’t  enough Mum goes inside and shuts all the doors. I heard that awful noise made by the long thing she holds…..she calls it a vacumn cleaner. Dad continuesto hold me and tells me not to worry. I manage to keep it together until these horrble noises stop.

Whew….what a day. I sure deserves all my naps today.


One thought on “What  A Day……..

  1. Ann March 7, 2017 / 5:45 am

    Noisy contraptions, but they are needed. Wear your ear muffs.

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