Ooops I ┬áHave really done it……

……the biggest ooopsy I  could have done. We were driving very slowly along the road to the beach here at Peaceful Bay when we passed some humans walking a red kelpie dog. I  had a mind melt and jumped out the window of the car…….OOOOOOOOOPS……..MY SEAT BELT WAS STILL FASTENED,!!

Mum screamed for Dad to stop the car and Mum raced out to hold me as I  was hanging outside the car by my seat belt which was a chest harness. Mum held me until Dad came round and lifted me back into the car.

… heart was beating fast and I  scared myself. Mum reckons reckons I  scared 10 years off her life too. Dad told me I  was a bad dog. Wonder if I  will ever get pats again……


Been So Busy…….

This travelling life is good…… far I  have seen deer, ducks, cows emus, more kangaroos, swans, pelicans and other strange birds……

Yesterday we went to a place called Denmark where I  saw the river while walking around. We also went to where the Denmark River meets the ocean where a sandbar blocks the mouth of the river. (Mum told me all th is but I was more interested in the exciting smells while we were looking.

Today I  met X, a girl dog the same as me. She is called X because of the white X on her chest.

Another long drive

Today another long drive through a forest then we arrived at Peaceful Bay….

I met a new dog called Missy. We had a doggy chat together but she goes home tomorrow.

We went down to the beach where Mum and Dad had tea. I had a walk around and loved sniffing the stuff called seaweed.

Wow, long drive today….

Lots of activity this morning which I  had to watch behind the screen door….nearly had a melt down when Mum picked up my food bowl and water bowl and put them in the caravan……finally I  was put into the car and off we went with the caravan thingie behind us, I  wondered how it knows how to follow us…

This bad photo of me is where I  am watching the road for Dad……seems like I  had to watch it for a long time. Finally we stopped at a caravan park??? At Quinninup. I got out of the car and what is the first thing I see……. lots of kangaroo poop would you believe….. I  look around and there are heaps of kangaroos sleeping.

 MUM gave me my afternoon treat and the surrounding birds started to advance on me like The Walking Dead (I  watch tv also).

Finally got to relax after my first day of travelling…..did I  mention there are super big birds here called emus.

Oh No……..

Mum has put my day bed that I  use to sit on outside, in our car!!! What will I  do tomorrow…….oh no, there go my biscuits into the caravan… what the????……

I am told we have a long ride in the car tomorrow.????? Very confused.

Very Busy…..

Mum and Dad told me the dog house in front of the house is actually a caravan that we use to go travelling in. Not sure how all this works but I  am sure I will find out soon. Mum said to tell everyone that mobile phone coverage may be sketchy so I  may not always be able to write on my blog…………..I  wonder what i will see while travelling…..and where do I  sleep?

Long Car Ride….

Today we drove all the way to see Uncle Graham in Bunbury for 10 minutes, went to something called a market then drove home. I mean what was the point…..

Tonight Mum told me that Tonka the concreter, who posts on Facebook, was also in trouble for going on a freedom run. Tonka is also a Staffy. I blame this mass freedom run breakouts on the moon…………