Oh No……..

Today was bath day……..now I know why Mum washed all my rugs. I have lost my doggy smell but Mum and Dad say I smell good…20170227_0043web


Dad is home!!!

….oh and Mum is too. Snuggled up to Dad who told me I  had been home alone all day because he had to go to hospital. I wonder if he had the same thing done to him that I  had done when I  visited the doggy doctor.

Note from Mum:”Reagans dad had an angiogram and all was clear”.

Dad Loves Me….

I thought Dad didn’t  want me anymore because he pushed me away and said it was “too hot”…I  stopped eating breakfast with him. Anyway yesterday he patted me a lot and told me I  was a good boy. He did things today with me while mum was at “craft”. I ate breakfast with him today. He wants me!