Not A Good Day

Mum and Dad are concerned I  havent eaten my breakfast for 2 days. Trouble is Mum removes my food and serves it up for tea. I was hoping she would hand feed me.

We headed out for our walk on the the lead only with no head halter. After sitting to go out the door it all went downhill………..I  apparently pulled so much i hurt Mum’s left arm. Her response was to turn around and say ” he is a work in progress. We still need to work on his walk”.

What a rotten day. Humph!



Today we went to Dad’s brother in laws birthday. Dad had checked and guess what, I  was also invited. I love going to Aunty Viv and Uncle Erics as Aunty Viv always gives me a lot of treats. There were some other people there also. Uncle Eric was eating his birthday cake and said he dropped some cake accidently, but I  think he deliberately dropped it for me. I jumped up and gave him a kiss.

I almost got it right going out to the car, right up to sitting at the door. Just went a little crazy on my way to the car,  Mum said we “still need to work going out to the car!”.

Boring Day

Weather still too hot to go for a walk, no tradies turned up so I watched the Australian Big Bash League cricket final. Mum and Dad kept waking me up with yelling every few minutes. . Something about taking wickets. Anyway our team won……hope we walk tomorrow.

Busy Day…

Today Jake the tradie came and I  spent the morning helping him to move some retriculation in the backyard. As you can see I  am really working hard.

Here I  am telling Jake it seems ok.

I  am ok’ing the hole he dug.

Good Boy….

… I  was told by Mum today. I did “Stay” perfectly at the door before going out the door when Mum said I  could go out to the car. I brought Mum’s attention to the blog by Nuggets Drooling who got a donut today. She gave me icecream…….


Oops almost forgot to tell you all, Mum used a normal lead and not the head halter when we went walking today. I was so excited I  tried not to pull but I  did forget sometimes. Hope we use  the normal lead tomorrow!! 

My toy has gone flat….

My new toy from yesterday is flat. I just removed the white stuff and now its all floppy

I need a rest now after our walk, degree of difficulty is 2, as its a long one down to the fuel station. Dad meets us there in the car so I  can also have a car ride as well. Actually mum seems to think its too far to walk back home.