One Year Already

Its just over 1 year since mum and Dad adopted me. As a family we are doing well. They understand that going in the car is no.1 with me, followed by biscuit treats, pats, and after lunch naps with Mum.

Still dont like cats and had an unfortunate meeting with a bobtail lizard. Mum usually chases them away before i see them. I have had 1 caravan trip which , despite jumping out of the car with my harness on was fun. Lets hope the next year is also fun.


First Ice Cream

Today I had to stay in the car while Mum and Dad had a look at new chairs for him and me. They decided to buy me an “ice cream”. I had a nice crunchy thing and inside was yummy cold stuff. I could do that again………..Dad checked on Luca. He is doing good but needs another blood test to see if his kidneys have been affected. I have everything crossed he is ok.

Snake Alert

Big news, my friend Luca, who visits me sometimes, has been bitten by a snake!!!. Mum has showen me photos of these long wriggly things and said they can kill me. Luca is doing ok but it was a close call. He had to have a needle put in him with anti venom to make him better. He is at the doggy doctor eating chicken now……… is a photo of luca at our place

I Have News…….

A new dog has moved into next door. I think his humans have also. He barks a lot and doesn’t seem to get the naughty whistle…..I wonder why. I havent been outside very much as it has been raining and windy. Luckily I got a short walk today but it started raining before we got home……. I don’t do rain very well.

Not Happy…..

I am not happy, yesterday I tried not to bark at passing dogs but one bark squeezed out and Mum used the naughty dog whistle.

Today I got all excited about going in the car until Dad opened my window and I got the wet stuff on my head. Dad had to have the window shut most of the time. Whats the point of going for a ride if I can’t have my head out the window.

I Am Trying………..

………to be good and not bark at other dogs through the outside gate because Mum has bought a bad doggy whistle she can use if I  bark. How do I  know she has this????  ……….I heard her talking to Dad about it……..sssssh, dont tell her I  know.

News Alert

My cousin Luca, is visiting us while his Mum and Dad are in Scotland which is hundreds of miles away. We quickly sorted out sleeping arrangements and today Mum &I took Luca to check out one of our shorter walks. We have been playing chasey through the house and out side.

This is a photo of cousin  Luca.